omegazero API documentation


A dynamic DNS updater endpoint.

URL Parameters

Name Type Description Required Default value
zone string The DNS zone name. yes -
subdomain string The subdomain name. This name is prepended to the zone parameter to form the full domain name being updated. This value may be "@" to specify the zone apex. yes -
ipaddr string The IP address to set. May be "auto" to use the client IP address as the new value, and "auto4" or "auto6" to constrain the IP address version to either IPv4 or IPv6, respectively (if the client connects using the other procotol, an error is returned). yes -


This endpoint requires a domain key for authentication, which must be sent as the value in a x-domain-auth header or query parameter. This key is available in the Hosting Management Interface for a domain you host at "Internet Resources" -> "Domains (ICANN)" -> [your domain name] -> "Manage" -> "Domain Key" -> "Show Domain Key".

Request Body

The request body is ignored.

Response Body

If successful, the response will have status code 204.


Rate Limit: 5 requests per 5s

API access must be enabled in the domain settings.