omegazero API documentation


Returns the root domain names for hosting services.

The subdomain part is the service ID.

Response Body

JSON Object:

Name Type Description
proxyroot string The root domain name for reverse proxy access. All names resolve to
hostroot string The root domain name for hostnames. Resolves to the IP address of a host.
root string Deprecated. Same as proxyroot.

Service ID

Each hosting service has its own unique ID of the following format: <type>-<subid>

<type> is a single letter indicating the host type (see below).
<subid> is a 4 to 16 digit opaque hexadecimal string. If less than 16 digits are given, padding zeros are added to the left.

Example: a-1a2b3c4d5e6f7890
The full hostname would be (if the hostname root domain returned by this endpoint is
Reverse proxy access is over the domain

Host Types

Type ID Description
a Reserved, unused.
b Special use; usually single applications.
j FreeBSD jails for general-purpose hosting (IPv4, NATed over Tor).
v Virtual machines for general-purpose hosting (IPv6 only).
x Internal use.
z Special use web pages.