omegazero API documentation


Purges a resource from all caches.

URL Parameters

Name Type Description Required Default value
host string The hostname, usually a domain name. yes -
path string The path of the resource, for example /index.html. yes -


This endpoint requires a domain key to purge a resource for a particular domain, which must be sent as the value in a x-domain-auth header. This key is available in the Hosting Management Interface for a domain you host at "Internet Resources" -> "Domains (ICANN)" -> [your domain name] -> "Manage" -> "Domain Key" -> "Show Domain Key".

Response Body

JSON Object where the keys are the full names of the CDN servers (or "backend") and the value is another JSON object each containing status information about the purge operation of the particular CDN server, which have the following format:

Name Type Description
status string The purge status. See below.
server string The cache server name.
via string (optional) The name of the CDN server a resource was purged through.

Purge statuses


Rate Limit: 5 requests per 5s